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RFID Pigeon Ring with TK4100_NO.3

- Chip: TK4100
- Frequency: 125 KHz/ 134.2KHz
- Protocol standards: ISO11784 / 11785
- Reading Time: 1-2ms
- Reading Distance: 2.5-10cm(depends on the reader design)
- Operating Temperature: -40 C ~ 85 C
- Storage temperature: -55 C~ 100 C
- Endurance:> 100,000 times
- Data Storage:> 10 years
- Working Mode:Read and write
- Dimensions: 12mm X 13mm

Ideal for:
- Racing pigeon management
- Carrier pigeons tracking
- Other poultry management

- Small size, light weight
- Simple use
- Long reading distance
- A variety of data standards format for option
- Compliant to GB / T 20563-2006 animal radio frequency identification standard
- Meet data standards of most of the world racing pigeons association

The RFID poultry electronic ring is widely used in poultry area, such as pigeons, chicken, ducks and other birds Identification; poultry breeding and feeding, disease control, animal quarantine and information management. It is anti-shock, waterproof and stable.