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No.01 RFID Animal Ear Tag

RFID electronic ear tag promotes livestock information management, including the tracking of livestock breeding, disease control, quarantine, etc.

RFID Animal Electronic Ear Tag with EM4305

- Chip: EM4305
- Frequency:134.2KHz
- Function: Read / Write
- Reading range: 2cm-50cm
- Protocol standards: ISO11784 / 11785
- Material: TPU
- Size: Male buckle: 28x23mm, Female buckle: 30x15mm
- Colour: Yellow, White (customized)
- Weight: 8.5g
- Operation Temperature: -25C70C

Chip Options: TK4100, EM4100, EM4305, HiTag S256, T5575, Mifare 1K S50, I.Code SLI, etc.

RFID electronic ear tag is mainly used in livestock tracking and management, such as cows, dogs, pigs and other livestock. Normally it was installed onto the animals ear by a special animal ear tag pliers. The electronic ear tag uses non-toxic, no smell, no stimulation and non-polluting plastic material as covering materials effectively prevent against the organic acids, water and salt solution, mineral acid etc.