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HID DuoProx® II Card

HID DuoProx® II Card 1336: HID 1386 + Magnetic Stripe

HID DuoProx® II Card 1397: HID 138 6 + Contact Chip

HID DuoProx® II Card 1398: HID 1386 + Magnetic Stripe + Contact Chip

The RF-programmable DuoProx® II multiple technology proximity card offers
proximity, magnetic stripe and photo identification technologies on a single access
control card.

- Offers universal compatibility with all HID proximity readers.
- Provides an external number for easy identification and control.
- Supports formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion codes.
- Custom pre-printed artwork available.
- Meets ISO standards for thickness; use with all direct image or thermal
transfer printers.
- Accepts either a horizontal or vertical slot punch.
- Using HIDí»s ProxProgrammer™, card vendors can ship graphics-quality
proximity cards, custom programmed to their customersí» requirements, from
their own inventory. Enables smaller order quantities and overnight delivery.
(Check with vendor for availability.)